Nostalgic Dreams

The last 11 years I have been capturing images of my family, attempting to reflect my personal perception of life, while portraying the notion of nostalgia as a primal urge to return to our roots.

A relation with the obliterated self takes place in deserted buildings that seem like skeletons of a forgotten memory. The images indicate the discovery of solace by escaping in an idealized imaginary space.

The figures seem like diving into subconscious memories. Each immersion in the wet embrace awakens primitive feelings that unite us with the qualities of our soul.

When we are really lost in the oceans of our dreams, the water makes us live beyond death and unites everything.

There, at the bottom, we can once again hear the demands we had from life, which we forgot growing up.

The water has kept them safe, cared for them and returns them to us alive and intact.