They call it Sea Bed but it feels like an Elevation. A common spiritual space. A realm where the hollow sounds, the creatures and the currents attempt to communicate with you their eternal secrets.

As the light refraction caresses me, it forms geometrical waterfalls which resemble to the world that I recognize in my soul. I transform as I am searching deeper with a higher consciousness. I feel afraid of being in a state of absolute freedom and I discover the remedy in harmony, tranquility and in the eternal game between Shadow and Light that urge to be joined.

Dolphins, a starfish, turtles, seashells, seals, small and big, still and swift underwater creatures, I feel grateful for your voiceless language that speaks straight to my deep unconscious self.

I wish the images, which were depictions of my eyes and finally transformed into exhibits, could transfer what you are what we all are to the Common Universal Deep World which simultaneously appears as boundless sky and beloved earth.

The exhibition titled “plaSEAbo” by Renee Revah features 11 photographs printed on Fine Art paper, with passpartou and mdf. Final dimension 39X54cm. Also, one colour photograph printed on 3mm plexiglass. Dimension 30X40cm