Director: Kostas Koutsolelos
Performers: Vaso Kamaratou, Rania Kelaiditi, Elena Poligeni

The distance (literaly and metaphorically) between us and others. How much distance distance do we have from other people? How can we come closer? Do we really want to come closer, again and again?

The performance dramaturgy and texts are created by the company during a large period of preparatory rehearsals and research.No specific “story” is presented on stage, while the performance place is “here” and the time is “now”, in an attempt to perceive theatre in its simplest form: a person standing in front of the other people’s eyes.The theatrical perfomance is seen as a meeting of people (performers and spectators), a unique meeting that will never be repeated again in the same way.The audience plays the main role of the performance.And that exactly is the main theme of FATIGUE.

LocationBIOS. Athens centre for today's art and cross media.Year2009