Exaformis Dance Theatre

Three Arts: Dance, music and theatre meet on stage. Seven dancers and two musicians interpret the live music of the performance.

“This is the path towards a common ground. I exist in between sounds,
strangers and people without a name.
This is where I stop and expose my world.
The road came to an end. All roads come to a dead end one day, but some roads meet.
Others shrink, but all roads lead to a specific destination. And it’s every persons gait that unwraps routes on a knifes edge”.

Director: Mirka Kresteniti
Choreography: Efrosini Dimopoulos
Music composition: Petros Bouras, Stefanos Psaradakis
Interpretation: Efrosini Dimopoulos, Mirka Kresteniti, Eleni Katzola, Silia Rouka, Konstantina Stavropoulou, Maria Deletze, Kirki Gini.
Stage Design: Alexis Aggelidis – Costume Design: Georgia Dimopoulou – Light Design: Nikos Voulgaris

LocationTheatre AlumniYear2012